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In a time where there is so much uncertainty, I think it’s great that Jayne Ferreira is bringing forward a coping technique for everyone - young and old! This would be a great outlet to teach both inside the classroom and out.

Karen Cunningham, BSc, BEd, OTC, Canada


For Teachers and Their Students: The Stress Erasers” is the perfect book to help me teach my students about managing their stress and anxiety. Especially with the stress of distance learning, this book provides me, a middle school teacher, with an easy break down of steps to help my students tap away their worries. In addition to the science behind the method, multiple scripts are given to make it very simple to teach my students how to tap effectively! Buy this book - you will be helping yourself and your students!

Emily Bouchard, middle school English teacher, St. Petersburg, FL


I enjoyed reading Stress Erasers and I thought the central message, that all feelings are allowed was a powerful one. I have found in my role as a play therapist that acknowledging feelings and providing a safe space for these feelings to be considered is a therapeutic and healing process for children and their families. The tapping method seems a fun and active way to use easy physical actions to increase emotional awareness. Having emotional states accepted and supported is a helpful way to develop self awareness and self acceptance. I found the descriptions, diagrams and video clear and complimentary. I think it is a useful tool to help support children's mental health. Thank you.

Celia Brayshaw, MSc Play Therapy, UK


Such a wonderful book. It takes you effortlessly through the entire process and helps you through all the layers of questions you might have. It makes it all so easy... and so less scary to do. Tapping is so helpful and this book makes it even more accessible. I use tapping in my classes and it works, and now, I will incorporate even more of it with the help and guidance I found with this book. Again, wonderful!

Kitsie Mauger, Dance Teacher, Sint Maarten


Jayne's knowledge and belief in the tapping activity shines through in her book.

From personal experience if tapping is initiated at the onset of anxiety rather than when the full blown melt down occurs, a child/ adult can have more effective results. If the level of anxiety escalates, the child/ adult may no longer be able to concentrate on the process.

During these changing unsettled times for both children and adults alike a self promoting person’s positive support method; as Jayne has so clearly outlined, will surely be of some benefit.

I believe whether in the classroom or virtual contact with a compassionate, intuitive teacher’s encouragement a child’s anxiety level can be defused., and more effective learning will occur.

N Rouse, Retired teacher/RN, Canada