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Have you ever stared at yourself in the mirror and stated:

“You are beautiful and I love you!”

Go ahead try it now. How does it make you feel?

If any negative judgments popped into your mind then let me ask you this.

“Are you ready to change your internal dialogue?”

If your internal dialogue when looking in the mirror is something like this:

I am too fat.

I am ugly.

I am a failure.

I am a loser.

I am not worth it.

Begin by changing the way you think to this:

I am healthy and love my body!

I am beautiful in every way!

I am amazing because I try new things!

As long as I try, I am awesome!

I am worth it!

Mirror work helps you to realize how you feel about yourself.

Positive affirmations change your negative or limiting belief to a positive one. 

Tapping helps to reinforce this change and can also find the root cause of the limiting belief.

They are a powerful combination!


A positive affirmation is a statement of positivity toward yourself.

Change the negative internal dialogue to a positive affirmation and repeat it as many times a day as you can.

For example, instead of saying, "I am worthless," turn that into, "I AM WORTH IT AND I LOVE ME."

You do not have to state it out loud and try not put any ‘negative words’ in your affirmations.

Do not say: "I am not worthless." Instead state your worth, “I AM WORTH IT!”

State it with intention. Eventually you will believe it!

Yes, you may deny it to yourself in the beginning, but keep repeating it as many times a day as you can, at least fifty times.

I enjoy putting my affirmations into little poems; it helps me remember. If you put music to them, even better.

We all like to sing a little jingle. Hopefully, it becomes that repetitive song that you cannot get out of your head!

You can read some of them here

Be gentle with yourself.