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THE STRESS ERASERS,       click here to purchase

Dear Teachers,

Would you like a calm classroom? How about a simple technique to ease your students nerves before a test or a class presentation? 

This technique is simple to learn and takes only minutes a day. Best of all it is free! Help your students erase limiting beliefs and learn an easy tool for emotional self-regulation.

Read what teachers are saying about The Stress Erasers.

TAPPING AWAY THE BLUES, Click here to purchase

Looking for a supportive way for your child to deal with their unhelpful emotions and feelings?

“Tapping Away the Blues” is a learning tool wrapped up in an illustrated poetry collection to help children with emotional self-regulation.

This technique helps with overwhelming emotional events that children experience growing up as well as everyday life challenges. Learn from fourteen different characters in different situations such as dealing with peer pressure, anxiety, fear, anger, bullying and restlessness.

The characters face the issues head-on in the illustrated scenes of the book demonstrating emotional growth. Through comforting illustrations, this poetic picture book guides the reader and their guardian with child friendly poems and follow along tapping scripts for many childhood issues. It is a simple and easy to learn technique. Recommended for children age 5-12.